Competition for the New Wien Museum, Karlsplatz, Vienna
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Urban Development
The different interventions and interpretations of the Karlsplatz have created a highly fragmented urban space over the centuries. The area is dominated by the Karlskirche, the Künstlerhaus and the building of the Technical University and the Musikverein, all buildings that form the cityscape. Only the existing building of the Wien Museum takes back in its effect. The expansion of the museum provides the oppurtunity to correct this weakness. The existing Haerdtl building is extended by 30m towards Karlsplatz, strengthening the presence of the Wien Museum, the demolition of the bridges of the Winterthur-house brings a significant urban improvement to this corner of the square. By extending the façade towards Karlsplatz the solitary nature of the museum is strengthened, it now forms a harmonious ensemble with the environment.
Architectural Concept
By the decision to preserve the Haerdtl Building on the Karlsplatz, the Wien Museum Neu can only be read as a project of extending the existing building -by treating the inventory respectful and adding contemporary exhibition spaces and museum infrastructure. The existing building will be restored to its original state. By exposing the bearing structure a layer of the past is revealed in the new inside the museum, as a glass facade was one of Oswald Haerdtls ideas for the original design of the museum: the existing building becomes an exhibition object of the Wien Museum.
Old and new form a spacious interior together that extends from the 2nd basement to the 2nd floor. Joints between old and new allow ideal operation of the museum, while respecting the existing building and the new construction in their independence.

Client: Wien Museum Projekt GmbH
Space allocation: 7.010m² usable area, 9.549m² gross floor area
Location: Karlsplatz, Wien
Team: Caspar G. Zehner, Benjamin Konrad, Lisa Posch, Emina Delalic, Robert Riegler
Planning Period: April – May 2015

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