trum 2

Extension of the metal workshop, Trumau/ Nö

As the metal workshop completed in 2000 had become too small, an extension was asked for, with the additional request for a functional counterpart to the bar in the existing workshop.
We extended the workshop building and examined, in several variants, a programmatic enhancement of the building by means of a small apartment in the annex. In our final design this apartment impresses with its spatial layout: living room and bedroom are separated by a terrace opening towards east and west.
Ultimately, the client’s decision was for a simple extension of the workshop without additional functions – and he already regrets it…

Client: Ernst Hofmann Gesellschaft mbH., 2521 Trumau
Space allocation: 765 sq.m. usable area as extension of the existing workshop (875 sq.m.)
Address: Theodor-Körner-Str. 6 , 2521 Trumau
Co-Worker: Alex Dworschak
Design and construction period: June 2007- September 2009