Shop for Sunglasses „die sonnenbrille“

In the utterly overloaded, trashy surrounding of the UCI Mall in the SCS Shopping Center near Vienna, suddenly there appears a certain quietness.
Not by an alteration of the existing, tubular space of the shop, but by the installation of an allrounder element, which hides, opens, breaks dimensions and creates a stage setting. This block of sales is moving itself and the customers through the room, is fulfilling functions and creating emotions.
Covered with leather, it offers area for the presentation of sunglasses, a place for the cash register and storage space.

Clients: Philipp and Roland Bischel, Traiskirchen
Construction: Wooden framework with cladding of cowhide
Usable Area: Shop room for 420 sunglasses with storage and facilities on 110 sq.m.
Start of Planning: August 2000, Start of Construction: December 2000, Completion: November 2000
Photos: Hertha Hurnaus, Vienna