Competition Landstrasser Hauptstraße / Rennweg

The block between Schlachthausgasse, Rennweg, Landstraßer Hauptstraße, and Oberzellergasse is a special case. Because of its former use as barracks it’s almost three times the size of a typical Viennese block. Thus it’s not surprising to find a lot of space for public functions in its inside. In addition to a public park, several places for sports and other leisure activities can be found – a public block perimeter so to speak.

The project endorses this public character by the position of the construction volumes as well as the inner distribution of functions. Freely situated buildings in a public green space ensure not only generous paths and accessibility to public functions in the block’s interior, but also enable the creation high quality living space. To ensure the public character of the green space, ground floors of the residential buildings are dedicated to social infrastructure. No private gardens fragment the green.

This concept of openness is continued to the corner Rennweg – Schlachthausgasse. Here, solitary volumes regard the vicinity. Together with the former barracks, the opposite residence owned by the city, and the adjacent block perimeter, they form a harmonic ensemble and indicate this openness to the outside through an open block perimeter.