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Urban Planning Competition

The site is well accesible, close to the centre and near to Favoritenstraße as a major shopping street. Thus, there is no need to accentuate the new district by implementing an additional centre or to create a particualr urban focus. Key element of the urban concept is a network of different green spaces whose variety of squares and open spaces allows for different uses. As a public space, mainly green, it constitutes the urban structure and, subsequently, the “core” of the new quarter, which comprises the whole site and is accessible from almost everywhere. As for the alignment of the buildings, the main focus was to offer an ideal and attractive environment for all purposes. The implementation of a car-free quarter is crucial for the execution of the open spaces. Neither does the new district screen nor open itself to the urban surroundings. At Laxenburger Straße, the new district is set back, creating a pedestrian-friendly “Green Spacing” as an intro to the car-free quarter.

In this project, urban planning is not meant as an experiment or as the expression of a certain way of life but as a notation for future requirements – self-evidently offering possibilities for working and living. The new quarter is organized to the citerias of a sustainable city. Its name “Landgut” (which is “manor”) enables a symbolic identification, comprising memories on the site as well as future narrations on the quarter.