Competition for the new ÖBB Headquarter in 1100 Vienna
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City Planning:
The new ÖBB headquarter is a compact, iconic solitaire. As for its sculptural appearance, the double facade and its two glazed atriums, the headquarter might serve as an example of state-of-the-art office architecture. The emancipation from the southern and western plot boundaries enables the loosening of a dense urban fabric. The public space south of the main station is definitely improved: West of the building, a generous plaza is created, orienting towards the headquarter’s main entrance. In the South, a vast delivery zone is located. Moreover, the maximum light exposure of the neighbouring plots is assured and the access to 10. district is enabled.

Utilisation Concept:
The building’s lobby gets accessed from the western plaza, where the publicly accessible café is located. Via the lobby, one gets to the WELLCON healthcare centre and the VAEB ambulatory, via the access control one accesses the semi-public spaces which are located on third, fourth and fifth floor as well as to sixth floor (which comprises the rentable areas) and to the offices of ÖBB. The BM.I’s office is located at the northern facade, where the whole southern plaza can be surveyed from. The offices of the social services can discretly be accessed from the Southern Argentinierstraße. Delivery, post room and disposal facilitites are located at the southern plaza between Sonnenwendgasse and Argentinierstraße. The parking is accessed from Argentinierstraße.

The longitudinal core and the compactness of the architectural solution allow for up to four distinct, autonomous office units. The design of the typical floor plan guarantees a flexible use of the offices with single or double rows as well as cellular offices, but also as group oder double office.
The staff rooms are equipped with balconys to the northern and southern winter gardens offering the spectacular experience of a green space within the city to the employees.

Energy Concept:
The energy concept is based on two winter gardens as climatic buffers along the building’s northern and southern facade: In winter, fresh air is absorbed via the northern courtyard. In summer, the offices’ exhaust air is blown to the southern winter garden, in order to cool it down. In winter, the courtyards are temperated by outgoing air, which keeps them free of chill and improves the energy balance in a significant way.

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