Office and Apartment Building at Linke Wienzeile

The building is located centrally, right at the Linke Wienzeile, one of the main arterial roads of Vienna. According to the high quality of the site, the floor area utilization is scheduled to be a mixture of apartments and office spaces. One can access the building from the north side as well as from the south, passing along a green bridge over the courtyard area.
Above the 5 office floors, reaching from 1st basement to 3rd floor, the apartment sector fills the upper half of the building. A three-dimensional zoning generates 12 very different apartments, the room heights varying between 2.26 and 2.80 meters. All living areas are directed against the southern side and, for reasons of noise protection, equipped with a second glazing, which forms an inhabitable semi-interior space in front of them.
By means of thickening the building in the upper area a small atrium is carved out of the apartment zone, providing for a possibility to ventilate the flats without disturbance by traffic noise. All individual and bed rooms are orientated against the quiet Mollardgasse, the bathrooms, truely rooms for relaxation, all have natural light and a view to the exterior.