Roof Extension at Kaiserstrasse in 1070 Vienna
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Task was the base renovation and addition of storeys of a three-storey old building in the densely developed area of the 7th District of Vienna. In other words: the technical infrastructure of the entire building, the empty apartments and ground floor was renovated. In addition, the street tract became four, the court tract two new storeys.
The addition of storeys developed from the existing building structure. The requirements and constraints of the existing object are analyzed and become the inspiration for the new. The old is no longer an obstacle, but an inspiration for the new structures. These new structures are porous and permeable.

Thus an existing patio is continued in the new building around which the terraces and flats cut themselves in the building mass. They release views to bring light and air into the middle of the house. New homes of high flexibility and differentiated character are created.

The appearance to the street orientates itself by the qualities of the surroundings: High houses with very structured facades in a narrow street. In this case, however, the architectural arrangement is not a cosmetic accessory, but offers real benefits to the residents: structurally and adaptably sun protection and noise insulation.

Client: GEWOG Gemeinnützige Wohnungsbau-Gesellschaft m.b.H., Bennoplatz 3, 1080 Wien
Projektsteuerung: at home Immobilien GmbH / Mag. Josef Wiesinger, Bennoplatz 3, 1080 Wien
Space Allocation: 370 m² retail area, flat rebuilding 290 m², existing flats 566 m², new flats 917 m² living area(10 new flats)
Adress: Kaiserstraße 89, 1070 Wien
Team: Benjamin Konrad (project manager), Julia Lindenthal, Stefan Schadenböck, Casper G. Zehner, Judith Haas
Planning- and Building period: January 2003 – August 2007

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