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Single-family House in Speising
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The site is determined on the one hand by a slope falling gently towards the north, on the other hand by two statutory regulations restricting the possible building location: it had to be situated adjoining to the neighbouring house and was not allowed to be more than a few meters away from the street on the southern side. The starting point in developing the building was the maximum volume allowed, which in the course of the design process has been manipulated, reduced and structured in order to create surfaces and spaces usable in multiple ways. The northern and southern fronts on ground level are cut out completely, the peculiar shape of the southern glass face allowing the sun to reach deep into the living space in wintertime.
One approaches the house by gentle concrete steps gradually entrenching themselves into the ground. In entering the house one finds oneself in the inside of a cut-up hill, looking down on the one side to the basement space filled with daylight from the north, on the other side climbing up into the living area on ground floor. A few steps above entrance level there is an area dedicated to cooking and eating, opening completely to the south. From here 4 steps lead up to the living area, extending into the garden on the north side.
A turn-around and the entrance hill can be climbed, leading to a working area situated on top of it, between ground and first floor. Over this place sunlight shines onto the ground floor, and from here one has a fair view over the living-scape. Another turn, and after some steps one gets to a contracted room on first floor, accessing to three individual rooms, bathroom and a small terrace on the south side, from where steel stairs lead up to the roof, offering a marvellous view over Lainzerbach valley.

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