The makers of glasses Bischel from Traiskirchen

by Manfred Schenekl

A supercooled week in 2000. The brothers Bischel from Traiskirchen are jogging along Dr.Theodor Körner street towards Trumau. The one with mirrored ski goggles, the other orange sunglasses.

One of the Bischel stands still, his hands supported on his knees, only to point in direction of the box.

One Bischel: (snorts) Look Bischel!

The other Bischel is also available: What?

One Bischel: The green toilet for the men and the red toilet for the women with the bar and the metalworking shop behind it.

The other Bischel: Great box! Well put!

One Bischel: And the Barboulevard in the extended stage and the inclined bar and the staircase with the steps, normal levels of comparison.

The other Bischel, “You can be funny and down and all around go n.? You can go up the slope? N and down the stairs. Or you walk up the stairs and down the slope.

(You are a little more detail)

The other Bischel: It rusts to himself.

One Bischel: It is perfect for the grill.

The other Bischel: It bears the traces of their destruction before them. It is hardly finished, hit by their future in ruins. In it, the temporal is already folded.

One Bischel: And she is herself in the door that is always open. The box. A real skull … glass box in the wall and gathered the countryside in the middle of the face.

The other Bischel: And the bands of glass. Once facing the street and once towards the locksmith. The box has wear glasses!

One Bischel: Passing the bar, you hit yourself a beer and have a look through the glasses on the street.

The other Bischel: And from the street look the men and women through the glasses on the bar and think that Bischel express Traiskirchen a beer.

One Bischel: And while we express ourselves another beer, we draw from our conversation from our Miteinadersprechen thinking, new ideas and names for glasses against the upcoming sun. We draw from our formal interview.

The other Bischel: The interview is the meeting of the mutually related words. The conversation always ends in the design of the glasses.

One Bischel: And if the conversation is good, the design of the glasses are a much better than when the conversation is so good.

The other Bischel: It all depends on the quality of the call.

One Bischel: A good conversation make a better spectacle.

The other Bischel: The men and women are the goggles even if no sun is present.

One Bischel: And if the conversations of men and women are good, then they press for goggles against the pending or not pending sun.

The other Bischel: Anyway. You can twist it and turn it anyway you want. The eye is the window to the world.

One Bischel: Without glasses, no world.

The other Bischel: No talk no glasses.

One Bischel: Without Box skull no conversation.

The other Bischel: Let’s go in and press a beer.

You go to the bar

At the bar stands Hofmann

The Bischel: Day

Hofmann meal. Should I press you a beer

The other Bischel: Jo.

One Bischel, “Your input has sent us through the entry …

Hofman expresses a beer

Hofmann: Why do you have sun protection devices. Are your glasses maker?

The other Bischel: From profession.

The Bischel push the Sonnenschutzgaräte from the field over the head and look through the window strip on the road.

One Bischel (only as to himself): Pleasantly warm the counter. Although she’s made of iron. Must indeed be a huge Heizerei below.

(In the background the flash welding)