pool goes to Trumau and builds a metalworking shop for Mr Hofmann

by Manfred Schenekl

A wet autumn day in Trumau close to Vienna. A road without median strip, several warehouses, houses wanting to be castles and fences, bunches of different building materials attached to the individual buildings. Trumau in Progress.

On a piece of ground pool and Hofmann in conversation.

Hofmann: pool, let’s do something.

pool: Ok. Let’s do something.

H: Are you ready?

P: Yes. What do you want?

H: Let’s build a toilet!

P: A toilet?

H: Yes. A toilet.

P: What for?

H: ... (hesitates)

P: How should it look like?

H: I do not know. You are an architect.

P: Good. Let’s make it green.

H: Green?

P: Yes, a green toilet. And it will glow green.

H: Yes. That’s good.

P: Who will use it?

H: My men.

P: So you want a green toilet for your men.

H: Yes.

P: And the women?

H: The women?

P: Well … the women. Need no toilet?

H: Yes.

P: Well. And?

H: Let’s build two toilets!

P: Two toilets? This can be expensive.

H: But a toilet is not enough.

P: A toilet is not enough.

H: Then let us build one for men and one for women.

P: Yes. A green for the men and red for women.

H: That sounds good. A red for women. Will it light up too?

P: Yes. It will glow red.

H: Red is the color of beauty. Everything is beautiful, is red and everything is red, naturally beautiful, because all that is beautiful is also red and vice versa. So we will make mistakes.

P: beauty is the light of truth, when it comes into unconcealed.

H: So the truth is red.

P: Yes. The architecture is the truth in the unconcealment. The construction of the architecture makes red.

H: And the green loo …

P: ... is for the men …

H: .. then do well on the red bathroom.

P: There will be emerging in other worlds. A green threshold for men and a red threshold for women. You think you go to the toilet, and in fact you enter another world. Do you understand? You go “only” to the toilet, but step into another world. From now on everything is what the men be green and all the women do red. The men will work green, her whole expression will be green skull. The women work naturally red with red skulls expression. The men will naturally make green businesses, and women naturally red stores.

Pause. Both go in circles on the piece of earth.

P: What will we build the toilets around?

H: What do you mean?

P: Well, where are the men and women who will go for the green and red toilet.

H: Ah! Yes. I see.

short break

H: Well then let’s build but a bar around the toilets!

P: A bar

H: Yes. For the men and women. You can order something to drink, and then go? N they go to the bathroom. The men on the green and red on the women.

P: Good. We build a bar I already know how we will do it.

H: How?

P: We make them slanted.

H: Inclined to what?

P: Inclined to the ground. The men and women can walk then go? N. You go up and down. We let them go around in circles. If the men and women are even in the bar, there is no beginning and no end. You are here running up and down again since. Or vice versa. They run up there and back down here.

H: You will get drunk. And then passed on to the toilet.

P: You are going in circles. They will walk the ramp up and down stairs again. They pass the toilet.

H: Practical. And the bar? Where will it stand?

P: On the slope.

H: On the slope? This can be exhausting.

P: Good. Then we stretched levels. One meter and fifty long. This is important. It must be one meter and fifty centimeters. And the bar is wrong.

H: Will slipping the glasses?

P: If they are empty.

H: Is that good?

P: Yes. Who needs an empty glass? drink to the men and women who put the glass down again, and it’s gone.

H: Just like that?

P: Yes. You have to give the glass a shove.

H: I see. And the full glass? If they slip even if you give them a nudge?

P: Naturally.

H: Then it makes no difference but if the glass is full or empty.

P: Yes. A full glass do not you push.

(Short pause)

H: What are the benefits of an oblique bar with extended levels to?

P: it is longer. This can calculate it.

H: a squared plus b squared is c squared.

P: C is opposite side by sine alpha.

H: So we know if it’s true.

P: We will make mistakes.

H: If differences are great men and women, they make up for the …

P: The little woman can stand a step higher

H: And vice versa. There will be no injustice.

P: There will be a just counter.

H: What will they be?

P: The men and women will enter the bar through a door. Do you understand? Through a door. But we will make a wide input. A broad, sloping entrance. The entrance fee but will be a door. The entrance, a door, straight, and as wide as he must be. But the entrance will be the widest. Do you understand? An entrance as wide as it should be, but the broadest input. It is a real give Ge-chic.

H: A kind of enema. I see. And again.

P: Right is the green toilets for men and red for women. Straight ahead you can climb a steep staircase steps or the ramp go left at the end rechtsum is the counter.

Assuming the bar on the extended stage – always one meter long and fifty steps, this is important! Always one meter and fifty centimeters long – then faces the extended steps up to the end to get to the top of the steep stairs.

Here we take a view.

Coming on the steep steps, the upper end of the bar is linksum. There will always be two ways. There will always be two ways and one can go in circles. The men and women are roughly around always, always around in circles. You will not even notice it. So of course everything will be. As it had always been only tapering counters and bars with a boulevard, you can go around, over and over until the mad.

H: You will be crazy and go to the bathroom. The men on the green and red on the women.

P: You must be very simple!

H: Who?

P: The bar must be on you and just be. No Fisimatenten. Nothing artificial. A boulevard. Just like that. To work around round. But with all the trimmings.

H: Yes. We are fun to go up and down, down and up, and then vice versa.

How hot is it?

P: We’ll call center.

H: Trumpeter? ... Yes. There is something. Like me. Go ‘into the run, then kum!

(Looks a little surprised)

P: (Supports)

H: Forget it. But the joy, the exuberance. What we will build the bar? And all the ramps, steps and steep stairs stretched?

P: We will need material.

H: What kind of material?

P: iron and steel.

H: I like iron and steel.

P: Then it is good. We will work with iron and steel building with large openings, so you can see. Openings of glass

H: What can watch?

P: The bar at the world and the world on the bar

H: Scary.

P: Yes. It will be a huge Schauerei. The men and women in the world will look upon the men and women in the bar and the men and women in the bar looking at the men and women in the world and vice versa, again and again. There will be no end.

H: Out on the street in their Pekawes the men and women will dream of a soft look as she arrived at the bar. Inside, the men and women take hard drinks and play with words. It is sometimes loud.

P: We will set up a real head case, in which women and men can not trust the words. It will be a lot of work with words. But always the men and women inside of the men and women dream out there and the men and women out there are dreaming of the men and women inside and again vice versa. It will never end. Always something will be too little. The feeling will stay in this too-little.

H: And under the counter with the iron body, we will make a huge Heizerei so that propped arms do not be stiff with cold.

P: We are the parts of men and women, the heat affect the bar.

H: And they will not notice.

P: They will stick to the language and drink.

(Short pause)

H: We will need lots of glass.

P: Do you have glass?

H: Enough.

P: And iron?

H: More than we need.

(Short pause)

H: There we have a nice bar

P: You wanted a bar and you’ll get a nice bar.

H: I wanted a toilet!

P: Even better. You wanted to get a loo and a nice bar with two toilets, a green one for the men and red for women.

So it always is. You walk into a store to buy a T-shirt and come out with a suit out of business.

You want to buy you a runner and a new apartment, the judge.

You want to buy you an umbrella, and buy a three-piece luggage set for air travel.

You wanted to marry a woman and get a family house.

(P is thoughtfully)

H: Will people come?

P: I do not know.

H: You’re not sure?

P: I am considering.

H: Why?

P: It is too small.

H: It is large enough.

P: It is not.

H: I do not want a bigger bar

P: The bar is large enough.

H: Well, precisely.

P: But the whole is too small. The Vice-Ge. It is far too small enframing in which we send people.

H: Do you think?

P: It is big enough for a bar, but to get into the building is too small. It comes straight in the vice-Ge.

H: You’re right. It is not even in the house.

P: We will build something to it.

H: Yes. But what?

(They walk around the piece of earth. They look at the future bar and two toilets)

P: I’ll make a locksmith turn back. I’m gonna build a locksmith back to it.

H: A locksmith. You build me back a locksmith?

P: Yes. 800 square locksmith.

(Short pause)

H: I’m a locksmith.

P: Do you see. And I’ll build you a locksmith.

H: But I? been a locksmith.

P: After you have two. You can never have enough Fitters. Others have two houses and can not wait to build a third.

H: And what do they do with the houses?

P: They have families and children make for the houses.

H: And if they’re done?

P: You are not ready. Long life, they build houses, have children and they buy things that they lock into the houses and incessantly back and forth. They hang towels over the windows as big as sails. Are you in love with their homes. But before they even come into the living they all go to their homes, children, property, in all these houses and children and property as a basis. And do not even know!

They believe in a home to come and it is scary to them. To lock always new things into the house and then they go rid of what is growing around the house. They buy lawn mowers, small, medium, large and cut without ceasing to the nature around. Small, medium, large. Do you understand. It’s always the same. They plant crops, saw grass, then fertilize and water them all, so it grows. And then cut them with their equipment, which only serve to cut the fertilizer and water to the plant growth-driven, cut it all off again with these utensils. Again and again. Then go back to their home and it is scary to them.

You sit in a chair and watch TV. Then they start some things to stuff into itself. Her whole body condition is only a single digestive condition. Do you understand? No mental stress. Only digestive conditions.

Because they perish.

At a bar with a green toilet for men and a red toilet for the women and a locksmith hintendran is not yet perished.

H: And two locksmiths?

P: Not that either.

H: I look? looking forward to the new machine shop.

P: It will be bigger than the old one.

H: A bigger, better locksmith locksmith.

P: You’ll pack up all your iron and your tools in the new locksmith and work with all your tools on your iron.

H: I will work with my Austrian blades on my Czech form tubes. And it will smell like a locksmith, who works in a locksmith to cut-off wheels with Austrian Czech form tubes. Then I will work with my Austrian German blades to form tubes and it will smell like a locksmith, who works in a locksmith to cut-off wheels with Austrian German form tubes, but has previously worked at Czech form tubes.

P: If you’re thirsty, you’ll go to the bar and watch from there to the locksmith. You’ll see how the welding flash and star injects the separation of the iron. You will see and realize how smooth and elegant, the locksmith in a hanging bar to a locksmith and you press another beer.

I will move along the straight staircase, but behind the counter, a glass band. Do you understand. Stretched along the stairs! But behind the counter!

I will attach the locksmiths hall like a box to the bar, the whole case to the skull Locksmith box bar when it would be a single box. Like a box I will put the whole thing on the earth and it will fold in a world. This is the open from the earth to bring in the unconcealment. The locksmith’s chest and the skull box with a green bar is the toilet for the men and women gather for a red earth and the fields and the field around. As a temple of the box the whole country will gather and hold in the Assembly.

The box will be entirely of iron with large incisions with equal-sized windows and flush doors of iron.

The windows will reflect the assembled landscape. In all the metalwork and-bar box, the landscape will gather for a second time.

And barseitig the skull box throws by clear glass windows in the countryside, gathered around the locksmith and bar box. Even from afar, the men and women in the tons of Pekawes dream in the bar. And you will push you a beer next. In a giant skull box you will push you a beer at a time.

H: If the time the work is over.

P: Everything will have its time. And everything is a heat engine room and have just Barwärmemaschine temperatures.

(Short pause)

H: What will people say?

P: The people? What they always say? Bhä?.

H: And the authorities?

P: They will expect and look up in thick books. You’ll wonder where the Vorhangaufhängemaschinen are. They are looking for ancestors and talk about problems. They will say that that does not work and that which is here done it that way or something, because that is in their books so. You will make all their problems to yours. It’s the people with digestive conditions. And their digestion starts to stutter all the largest, if anything does not look like their houses with their gardens and lawn mowers. Small, medium, large …

H: And what will say the men and women?

P: They will come and drink beer

H: Will I get a prize.

P: You will get a prize for the Assembly of the landscape in the locksmith and Temple Bar box. You will get a prize because your locksmith and Temple Bar into box hanging in an environment but a world enfolds.

H: One thing I would like to know what color P. We will give the fitting-and-Bar-stamp box?
P: None at all. They will rust and take their color. Their color will have always existed. And there will be a fair color.